Island Expectations

To make your island stay as comfortable as possible a staff of 4 will attend to your needs.


Little Peter Oasis Staff 

  • Personal Concierge- will be responsible for coordinating your transfer to and from the island along with all island activities and excursions.
  • Personal Chef- will discuss meal preferences and dietary requests to create and prepare for you 3 meals per day.
  • Caretakers- will be keeping your island home clean and tidy, while assisting with luggage and miscellaneous requests that you may have.


Other things you should know about renting an island:


An island vacation is by no means an ordinary vacation. It is an extraordinary vacation that we would like to prepare you for.  We hope to educate you on some of the basics and manage your expectations for what could be your most amazing adventure ever!  Below are a few bits of advice as well as some rules that we would like to share with you.  We hope you’ll find this helpful:



  1. WATER AND ELECTRICITY- The island is an off-grid property.  We do not have an endless supply of water and electricity.  We do, however, offer a robust solar system and water supply that can supply each customer’s needs so long as we keep water and energy conservation in mind. We do offer a back-up generator for emergencies.  When it rains or is cloudy for several days, the solar panels are unable to harness the sun’s energy so we may have to use the generator to charge the batteries.  All we ask is that you please make a conscious effort to turn lights, fans or any other electronic devices off when not in use.  There will be days when you will leave the island for an entire day to embark on an excursion; please take a moment to turn everything off before you leave.  The same is true with water, please try to take shorter showers if possible.  The water is heated using a generator.  It takes approximately 22 minutes for the water to heat up, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.
  2. FREE WIFI-  This does not mean unlimited WIFI.  Most guests will use the WIFI service to check emails, post to social media and download movies off Netflix.  This is Ok so long as it is done conservatively.  We’ve had guests who have spent countless hours using WIFI and downloading dozens of movies only to experience a disruption in service 2 days later.  The WIFI is a convenience item that should not be abused.  Not only do we rely on it for business and for entertainment, but we also use it to monitor weather conditions for your protection.
  3. CELL PHONES- There are cell services that work on the island.  Cell service can be spotty at times and sometimes you must walk to the end of the dock or stand in a certain area for a good signal.  Be sure to check with your cell provider on short term International service plans before arriving in Belize  Another option that works well for calls back home is WhatsApp which doesn’t rely on cell service but operates off WIFI. 
  4. WEATHER- In Belize when it rains, it can rain sideways!  The family room has 2 large 12-foot openings that must be secured in the event of an impending rain or thunderstorm.  As a practice we ask that you please lock and secure all doors to the house just before bedtime.  This will ensure that any pop-up storms in the middle of the night will not flood or damage the house.  Nighttime on the island can be breezy and cool, so it is always good to bring lightweight pants and wind breakers should a cool front pass.  Its easy to be filled with joy and happiness when it is sunny and beautiful outside, however, we do have our rainy and windy days.  On inclement weather days plan to stay indoors, catch up on some much-needed sleep, read a good book, watch a movie and try not to let it ruin your trip.  Island staff will not operate the boat and will strongly advise staying put when it is windy and rough sea conditions.
  5. CONVENIENCE ITEMS- It is important to bring all your toiletry items, medications etc. that you will need.  We supply shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.  In the event you forget something, we do have a box of convenience items available just in case. 
  6. PLUMBING- Please do not flush anything other that toilet paper down the toilet.  Paper towels and feminine products will render the septic system inoperable. 
  7. SMOKING- We ask that you please refrain from smoking inside the house or within close-proximity of the thatch roof area.
  8. FALL OR TRIP HAZARDS- There is absolutely no climbing, jumping or diving off the upper deck and railing as this may lead to serious injury or death.  The water below is shallow.  Violators will be asked to leave the island.
  9. SANDY SHOES- Please exercise caution to avoid sandy shoes inside the house.  The hardwood floors and furniture scratch very easily.
  10. INSECTS- Little Peter Oasis, for the most part, has very few bugs due to the treatment we use to keep insects under control.  However, you will find mosquitos and sand fleas on other islands and on the mainland.  The sand fleas tend to be the most bothersome because you will not know that you are being bitten until it is too late.  One very good practice we recommend is the use of baby oil.  Baby oil on your ankles and legs is very effective in controlling sand flea bites.  If you venture off into the jungle, you might consider something a little stronger that includes Deet for insects and biting flies.  The last little hard to control critter you will find at virtually any resort in the Caribbean is the sugar ant.  Sugar ants are very tiny and for the most part harmless. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to control with pesticides so if you leave food or fresh fruit exposed on the counter, sugar ants will find it. 
  11. MEALS & BEVERAGES- Prior to your arrival you will receive a guest profile to complete.  The profile tells us a little about your meal and beverage preferences, special diets, food allergies as well as travel schedule.  Your chef will go over the menu daily to discuss meal selection and mealtimes.  As for beverages we offer bottled water, soft drinks, fruit juices and local alcohol.  Local alcohol includes beer, rum, vodka and wine which are house brand selections available to us locally.  If you should have the desire for top shelf alcohol or special wines, we suggest you bring it with you.  The duty-free shops at the airport next to the luggage carousel have a wide variety to choose from and you can bring them with you on the airplane.  Excessive drinking, drunkenness and belligerence on the island is something we will not tolerate.  Unfortunately some guests take "all inclusive" to the extreme by drinking far more alcohol than is reasonably necessary and safe.  This puts everyone on the island at risk and will not be allowed.  Our staff reserves the right to stop serving should we determine the “free alcohol” privilege is being abused or the safety of any guest is compromised.  As part of your All inclusive package, daily bottle limits for alcohol are imposed to mitigate risks associated with excessive drinking.  Ask your concierge for a copy of our free alcohol policy.
  12. CHECKING OUT- The night prior to your departure home, your concierge will provide you with a credit card form which allows you the convenience of putting excursions, tips, t-shirt purchases or any other incidental expenses on your credit card before you leave.  You are more than welcome to bring cash if you like, but most guests enjoy the convenience of using their credit card instead.  We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.


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